When people meet, they look naturally or involuntarily directly at the face; So, people are always looking for a perfect smile like a Hollywood smile.

A person may notice an abnormality in his or her smile when he/she encounters people due to the loss of one or more teeth or the loss of one tooth.

Especially if this tooth is one of the front teeth that may appear clearly during a person’s smile or simply speaking to other people.

The problem may even get worse and go well above the appearance problem, so that the damage is caused by the problems a person has in talking to or eating.

therefore, the search for a Single unit dental implant is one of the minds of many people who are going to do dental implants.

In our value Dent clinic, we offer you a number of medical alternatives with the latest technological medical devices and the best medical experience to ensure that the problem is solved safely and effectively for life.


What is a Single unit dental implants?

One tooth implantation is a process in which a doctor installs a tooth or set of artificial teeth instead of the teeth that a person has lost.

This is done by fixing the metal implants to the jaw bones and when the implant has been in close attachment to the bone, the doctor holds the brace and crown of teeth over the metal to compensate for the lost teeth.

Causes of tooth loss.

There are many reasons to lose teeth.


These reasons are:

Gingivitis, which is one of the most important causes of dental loss.

Some health problems such as diabetes.

Lack of care and dental care.

Tooth decay.

Some congenital defects.

The benefits of Single unit dental implants.

There are many advantages that a Single unit dental implant offers.


Here are some of these features:

Implanted teeth are similar to normal tooth work:

Restore full chewing power when eating.

The person may not be able to distinguish between the implanted age and other normal teeth.

Implanted teeth last a lifetime.

Unlike tooth bridges that can last from 10 to 15 years.

The implant is made of titanium and integrates with the jaw bone and becomes like your other natural teeth.

The presence of implanted teeth prevents you from losing bones.

If there are no teeth, the person finds the jaw bones deteriorating due to lack of stimulus.

Research has found that when a person does not implant the lost tooth in the first year of tooth loss, that bone area loses about 25% of its size, and over the years the bone loss continues.


Other benefits of dental implants such as:

Keeps adjacent teeth stable.

It protects teeth by preventing gum disease.

Addresses various pronunciation problems caused by tooth loss.

Prevents sagging of the face and premature aging.

Enhances the exterior aesthetic appearance.

Chewing food easier.

Dental implant structure.

One tooth or two teeth are implanted from three units that combine to form a full tooth like a person’s natural teeth.


First: The root.

The dental implants are made up of titanium and are placed within the jaw bones where they are fully integrated with the jaw bone, ensuring stability for a lifetime.


second Abutment:

The brace is a structure placed over the implant that has been integrated with the jaw bones to receive the crown, which serves as a communication unit between the crown and root and is often made of titanium.


Third Crown:

The crown is the only visible portion of dental implants that is placed after the brace is placed.

contraindications of dental implant.

For the complete success of the dental implantation, the mouth and the jaws must be in good health.

Some people may have unsatisfactory dental experience or failure to do dental implants.


There are therefore some inhibits to farming which may include:

Untreated tooth decay.

Active gum diseases.

uncontrolled diabetes.

The jaw bone is weak or under thick, so the bone is unable to support the transplant, and your doctor may recommend that you do a jaw bone transplant first and then wait a few months for tooth transplant.

It is also recommended that smoking persons stop smoking before implanting teeth.


FAQ about Single unit dental implants

Some people may have some questions about implanting one tooth.

here are the most important questions.


Is implants painful?

The person is under full anesthesia and therefore does not feel any pain during the surgery.

But once the operation is finished and the drug’s effect is gone, some pain may be felt especially in the early days after planting.

But this pain quickly disappears as soon as he is taken with the prescribed sedative drugs that reduce the pain.


Are the implants safe?

Dental implants are safe processes and we can say they are just like normal teeth.


When will these implants last?

These implants can last a lifetime as long as the person cares for dental and general health.

So, if you take care of the implants well and have strong, healthy bones installed under the supervision of specialized doctors, then we can say that those implants can remain all your life.


Are there alternatives to dental implants?

Alternatives to dental implants are when you wear dentures or make a dental bridges.


Success rate for dental implants?

Tooth implantation success is over 95% for the lower jaw and over 90% for the upper jaw.

Often, they last for years, especially if you keep them well or keep them in good condition.

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