Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants

The immediate dental implants are one of the greatest mutations in dentistry, as this new technology provides a permanent alternative to lost teeth. In addition, the procedure is performed on the same day to give a natural look for teeth and gums.

What are immediate dental implants and how are they done?

What Are Immediate Dental Implants?


Immediate implants are a procedure in which an implant and the replacement tooth are both placed in the jaw bones at the same time, rather than waiting for three to six months between the first and second stages as for a conventional implant. This allows clinicians to reduce the number of surgical procedures.
The procedure is done through careful medical planning, examination and professional equipment to ensure the success of the dental transplant, which will make you leave the clinic with more beautiful teeth than you entered just two hours ago.
After this procedure, the doctor will give you some instructions to follow to give the new tooth a chance to recover and fix in the mouth.

Why do dental professionals recommend immediate dental implants?

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- Only 24/48 hours instead of 3-6 months for standard implants.
- The function of the replaced tooth can be returned in just one day (like chewing and talking).
- Without stitches.
- Highly reduced pain and discomfort.
- Natural look for your teeth and gums from the first day.

IS the immediate dental implant right for me?

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Unfortunately, there are some cases in which the dental immediate implants are not possible. Such as:

- A deep infection in the mouth caused by age.
- There is not enough bone where the dental implant should be placed.
- Gums issues.
- A problem or generally any oral condition.

Therefore, if you are not sure about whether you are a good candidate for immediate implants, it is best to have a consultation with an experienced clinician, who will examine and assess your situation.

The immediate implant methods used in Turkey's dental centers:

Turkey is characterized by many dental centers that operate according to the latest technologies, with the best doctors and at competitive prices compared to other countries.

To achieve the best results, these centers operate according to several steps:

Step 1: Medical consultation and necessary data collection.

Step 2: Analyzing the general health of the patient, and exanimating the bones and tissues.

Step 3: If the dental implant procedure is agreed, the doctor prepares the patient for the procedure, which is performed by the following steps:

- Pulling out the broken or cracked tooth with a local anesthesia.
- Implanting a basis for the new tooth in the jawbones with a large turnover force.
- Bones fusion and growth.
- Fixing the brace.
- Finally, fixing the new teeth.


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