Having an attractive smile is a requirement for many, and one of the most important elements of an attractive smile is the beauty of the teeth and gums.

Therefore, there are many techniques to beautify the shape of the gums, as the health of the gums surrounding the teeth is just as important as the health and appearance of the teeth from an aesthetic point of view.

A person may have beautiful teeth but may have health or unhealthy problems that create a negative image of the external gums.

A complete gingival aesthetics procedure can be performed in our clinic in value dent.

Our experienced team uses the latest and best gum beauty systems safely and reliably to help people achieve the aesthetic results they want.

Dental aesthetics treatment

Our experienced team can study a smile and understand what makes a perfect smile and how to balance teeth and gums.

There are many aesthetic gum problems, but each problem has a special treatment that differs from the other according to the type of problem.

Therefore, our treatments target the following problems:

gingival recession:

Gingival recession is the elevation of the gum tissue from the teeth to make them appear longer than their true shape.

This problem may result from many factors such as not removing lime from the teeth, aggressive handling of the toothbrush, or using the mouth to hold various objects such as holding nails or hard objects that press on the gums.

Wearing orthodontics for a long time can also cause this problem.

Our experienced team performs gum aesthetics either by surgery or by using non-surgical techniques as required by the problem.


Prominent gingival aesthetics:

Prominent gingival means the gums cover a large area of ​​the teeth, making the teeth appear much smaller than their normal size.

This problem may be hereditary or it may be associated with some other problem.

Our experienced team treats this problem either by surgery or laser and is considered a better option than surgery.


Gingival pigmentation:

Gingival pigmentation means a change in the color of the gums from the normal pink color to a darker color that may reach black color.

This often results from age and some unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, and this problem has a significant impact on the beauty and appearance of the smile significantly.

Our specialized team treats this problem through the best modern technologies such as laser technology and within two weeks you can see the natural pink color of your teeth.


Gingival Contouring:

You can sculpt the gums or modify the shape and length of the gums with one session in our clinic’s value dent.

Where our specialist doctors provide the latest technical devices to sculpt the gums and determine their external appearance using the laser in a completely safe and painless manner and without resorting to traditional surgical procedures.

You can also return to your normal diet and routine as soon as possible.


After gingival aesthetics surgery:

The person is going out of the clinic on the same day of the operation, but it is better to rest completely on the first day and not to engage in violent activities.

The doctor will prescribe some painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and aspirin should not be taken, as it causes blood fluidity and increases the possibility of bleeding.

For the first few days after gingival aesthetics, it is best to eat soft foods and warm drinks and avoid foods that contain spices that are irritating to the wound.

In the event of any noticeable swelling or bleeding after the cosmetic procedure, you should see your doctor immediately.

Cases resort to lasers to beautify the gums.

People who suffer from the increased size of the gums, which may appear clearly when smiling, in what is known as a gummy smile.

People with uneven gums cause dissatisfaction and embarrassment.

Your dentist may ask you to cut your gums with a laser when installing dental crowns so that they are firmly attached.

People who have uneven gums, which affect the shape of their teeth and smile.

People who suffer from the appearance of the gums in a dark color as a result of not taking care of oral hygiene, excessive smoking, the nature of skin color, and genetic factors.

Infection with some diseases may lead to the appearance of the gums in a dark color, so those people resort to laser gum surgery.

Laser gingival aesthetics surgery vs. gingival reconstructive surgery.

Laser gum resurfacing can often be more expensive than the traditional surgical option.

But on the other hand, many advantages distinguish laser gum surgery from periodontal surgery, which include:

Easy control of the laser beam, which ensures great accuracy during periodontal surgery.

Laser gum aesthetics is performed without any bleeding, as the laser closes the blood vessels and wounds resulting from gum cosmetic surgery.

There is no possibility of infection transmission during laser gum beautification unlike cosmetic surgery with ordinary instruments if there is any inadequate sterilization.

The possibility of gingivitis in laser gingival aesthetics is much less than in regular cosmetic surgery, as the laser stops the bacteria from working.


Are there conditions before performing gingival aesthetics surgery?

Anyone can perform gingival aesthetics surgery and get a satisfying smile for him.

But some precautions must be taken before performing a gingival aesthetics surgery:

The patient should not have any problems, whether they are immune problems or severe blood problems.

Also, there should be no contraindication for the person to use the laser.

It is best if he has not had recent surgeries.

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