The desire for a Hollywood smile is growing day by day around the world, and getting a bright smile and white teeth has become a dream for many.

However, many people are afraid of going through the experiment for fear of the final results.

Our value Dent clinics feature a digital smile design program featuring artificial intelligence designed to help dentists achieve the predictable aesthetic teeth that many people dream of.

The digital smile allowed a qualitative shift in the field of dentistry, as the patient is able to see the final results of the smile before being subjected to any medical intervention.

Then he can make the final decision after seeing those results.

Digital smile design uses customized software that analyzes teeth and face ratios by analyzing some of the images and videos that are recorded accurately.

After taking pictures and videos, programs analyze the dimensions of a person’s face, skin color and the final color of the smile to fit with the person’s features and color.

The role of these programs is to produce a final image of the smile that can be informed before the cosmetic procedure.

Not only is this but the person follows up with the doctor to see different smiling pictures and selects the optimal picture he looks forward to and sees fit for him.


What are the advantages of a digital smile design?

Many people are asked how Hollywood smile is designed with digital smile technology if it has advantages.

Here is the outline of your digital smile design:

This technology helps diagnose a person’s condition and discuss all the person’s preferences before you smile.

It also helps the doctor to analyze all the dental and facial standards for making a smile that matches those standards.

The person who wants to make a smile becomes a key partner and the final decision depends on him, not the doctor.

The person can see what their final smile looks like before making any actual tooth adjustment.

Teeth are beautified and get the best smile with the best results that fit into a person’s face.

The person does not have to remake a smile again as they can get the best result.

This technique can be used in making the veneer or crown.


Are there any disadvantages to a digital smile design?

 A digital smile has many benefits and is applied safely and satisfying to the person, but may require some things about traditional actions such as:

You need a dentist with experience and skill in using, applying, and capturing photos and videos, as this technology relies entirely on image analysis; Therefore, lack of resolution of images can lead to false diagnosis and treatment.

You need more money than traditional procedures because they need high resolution, high efficiency software, 3D printer and CAD/CAM.


Why is value Dent the best choice when designing a digital smile?

When you want to make a digital smile there are some factors to consider before you choose which clinics do that kind of beauty.

Our value Dent clinics have many advantages to making your first choice of digital smile technology, such as:

We have medical staff who are highly experienced in using digital smile design.

After taking photos and videos, the doctor will show you them and other case photos made by our clinics to evaluate the results and take your final opinion of making the best smile satisfying to you.

The final opinion to get the best smile is through the person and the doctor does not force you to a particular species.

Our doctors are flexible and patient with people so you can choose the best smile for you without having to agree with their doctor to finish it.

Our value Dent clinics feature state-of-the-art technology throughout the world, ensuring the best results.

Who are the candidates for a digital smile?

A digital smile helps most people draw a smile and choose a shape that fits each person according to their face, jaw shape, and teeth.


The person is eligible to make a digital smile when:

The desire to beautify teeth.

Want to discuss the shape or color of your desired smile before starting medical procedures.

The absence of any gum disease may cause the standards to vary later.

No severe tooth fracture.

There are no large gaps between teeth.

The person is healthy in the mouth and teeth.

The absence of large dental fillings causes weakness of the teeth.

No congested teeth.


How is preparation for the subject to make a digital smile?

Preparing a digital smile doesn’t take much preparation as it’s all about clean, smile-ready teeth.

The doctor checks the teeth completely, removes any limestone deposits, and the doctor treats any tooth decay or problem.

Doctors always recommend that you intensify your dental care to get the longest possible smile.

Digital Smile design steps.

The digital smile design is easy to do with no medical dental intervention.

If you want to cover your teeth to hide dyes or erosion and you are still afraid of results.

After designing a digital smile, you will be very happy and able to make decisions with ease.


The steps of a digital smile design are:

Step 1: Take special pictures of the person in different directions:

The physician places the person who wants the cosmetic procedure in a certain position so that all the borders of the face show a fine shape of high quality such as lip line, corner lines of the mouth, and line passing between the eyes.

The physician takes 3D images of each corner of the mouth with a camera placed inside the person’s mouth and sends shots to the digital Smile design program for analysis.

Before you take these pictures, your doctor sees them on the computer screen to make sure you take good, sharp pictures.


The doctor also takes videos of the person’s face and smile such as:

He took a video of a pity with a smile forward and a backward.

Take a video in front of the face while the lips relax and then while you have a big smile.

Phase 2: Analyzing the dimensions of the person’s face and teeth and designing a temporary smile.

The digital smile design program has many shapes that a physician can try on the patient’s images until he takes a glance at the expected results.

The program analyses the dimensions of skin color and the person’s face to determine the degree of color and size of the person’s face.

The doctor discusses with the person all possible designs and identifies their preferences to make the most appropriate selection.

The device designs an initial 3D design for a smile.

The doctor fixes the temporary smile on the person’s teeth and the person becomes able to go home the same day with that smile and take the opinions of everyone around him.

Now the ball is in the person’s court and he can make the final decision for that smile.

If the person agrees to a specific smile the person will proceed to the next step to prepare the final smile for them.

Step 3 prepare your digital smile.

If the person makes the final decision to agree to a specific smile, the doctor begins to prepare the teeth, design the digital smile, take their measures, and perform the final action by doing the following:

The doctor anesthetizes the person locally.

The doctor begins to carve the teeth in a way that suits the composition of a digital smile design.

The physician takes the sizes prepared by the CAD/CAM system and easily installs that smile on the person’s teeth.

In case any modification is required immediately by the doctor.

Some questions about digital smile design?

Some have questions about digital smile design like:


Why do people choose a digital smile design?

People like a digital smile because it allows the person to participate with the doctor in the decision making and in the final shape they are looking for.

It provides a complete picture of the final smile before any medical intervention, and the person who wants the cosmetic procedure knows the shape of the final teeth before starting the final preparations.

A digital smile gives everyone their own design.


Is there any pain in making a digital smile design?

While designing a digital smile you will not feel pain as there is no medical intervention.

Also, before the procedure is started, the person is given local anesthesia to avoid any pain that may occur.

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