Dental implants have been the preferred method for treating lost or damaged teeth in recent years.


New dental techniques such as all-on -4 dental implants have become one of the best lost dental treatments that can support new teeth with only four implants.


This technique is suitable for people who want to reduce treatment time as the operation is complete on the same day.


We have the best expert doctors who will ensure good results.


Our value Dent clinics are characterized by the best medical expertise combined with up-to-date technologies, making us always the first choice as we provide the best result with the best quality, safety and confidence.


What is an all-on -4 dental implants?

Dental implants are all in 4 of the latest technologies that have been proven to be extremely successful in recent years.


This technique ensures the prosthetic limbs by placing 4 implants on the upper and lower jaws on the same day.


The most commonly used category is people who have lost all teeth to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the mouth and restore dental function as it was.


Advantages of All-on -4 dental implants technology?

There are many advantages of all-in-4 dental implants that are:


Get immediate results:

The implants will take place the same day you visit our clinic and you will see a significant improvement in your ability to chew, implanted tooth stability and overall comfort.


No major surgical procedures such as enlarging nasal pockets or adding bones are required.


Enhance your aesthetic appearance:

You’ll notice your age is lower than you are after this medical procedure, which makes you look younger and maintains the face structure associated with dental loss.


In addition, your procedure reduces face wrinkles caused by losing bone and dental structure.


You can eat whenever you want where you want to:

You can enjoy the favorite foods you want this will improve your eating habits.


You’ll have a long-lasting smile:

These implanted teeth can last your life and you can get a lifetime smile.


Prevention of some oral diseases:

The procedure of all-on -4 dental implants make your mouth healthier as it reduces gum-related diseases due to bacterial infection or inflammatory diseases.


In which cases all-on -4 dental implants used?

all-on -4 dental implants procedure is most commonly used in the following cases:


Used as an alternative for patients who are not suitable for dentures and who do not have reflexed nausea.


Also used in cases where teeth have been lost due to weak tooth roots due to aging or tooth decay.


It is also one of the therapeutic options that can be used in patients who are not suitable for traditional dental implants due to their large loss of jaw bone tissue.


Stages of All-on -4 dental implants.

All-on -4 dental implants are done in the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the dentist:


The first step in All-on -4 dental implants is to get a doctor’s appointment and get medical advice on the transplant.


The doctor performs an oral examination, an examination of the general health of the person, some tests such as X-rays, and a CT examination allowing the doctor to evaluate the health of the general gums and the remaining teeth.


Your doctor will discuss your medical history, the medications you are currently taking and any other health problems to determine whether you are a candidate for the implant.


Your doctor will explain your treatment plan, schedule your implant and discuss other subjects such as dental anesthesia, how to prepare for the operation and review any prescriptions required.


Step 2 Operation Day.

On the Day of All on 4 dental Implant with the following steps:


Your doctor first anesthetizes you so you don’t feel pain.

In case of remaining teeth, the doctor will remove them.

The doctor makes a small incision in the gum to reach the jaw bone and form the cavity for implants.

The doctor places the implant nail in the jaw bones and then connects the supports.

In some cases, bone grafting may be required so that the doctor places bone material around the implant.

Finally the doctor will stitch the gums around the support.

The doctor then places four dental implants in the upper jaw and four dental implants in the lower jaw.

These implants will be used to support a temporary toothkit while the implantation sites are recovering.

Third and final step recovery:


Most dental implant patients initially experience discomfort after surgery, such as the sensation of a light pain and swelling that can be managed through the painkillers prescribed to you by your doctor.


For proper dental implantation, you must have a 3 to 6-month process called bone fusion, where the doctor has combined new bones around the implant.


FAQ about all-on -4 dental implants.

Some people have questions about all-on -4 dental implants such as:


Will I feel pain after dental implants in value Dent?

The operation will be performed and you will not feel any pain throughout the process.


Only the pain you may feel is the very simple anaesthetic injection pain.


As for the post-operation, you will notice some minor swelling or pain that will soon be removed by using the medicines prescribed to you by your doctor.


What is my diet after all in 4?

During the first 3 months after your operation you will be fed a diet your doctor prescribe for soft foods and warm drinks.


Day 1:


You should only eat soft or liquid foods and juices, yogurts, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and apple juice are recommended.


One week after you perform the operation:


You can go to foods that require a little chewing like cheese, pancakes, pasta, rice, cooked vegetables, eggs.


After 1-2 weeks:


You can start eating hard foods such as raw meat and vegetables which depends more on how fast you are recovering and following your doctor’s instructions.


General tips for recovery after implants.

Recovery times vary, but here are some guidelines to help you recover faster:


Do not skip meals:

You may want to skip your meals especially in the first days after surgery where you may sometimes feel pain or vomiting that will cause you to skip some meals.


So you should do your best to keep the food going and get enough to eat every day.


Drink plenty of water:

Drinking mild water helps you maintain general health, your body and your comfort after operation.


Stay out of exercise for a few days:

Your clinicians recommend that you stay away from exercise or hard work for at least 3 days or away until your doctor tells you to start exercising.


Oral health care:

After dental implantation you can rinse your mouth with salt water in the morning, before you sleep and after your meal.


Stay away from smoking and tobacco products:

Whether smoking or oral tobacco will weaken the healing process and may even cause complete failure after transplantation.


Therefore, do not use any type of tobacco until you have fully recovered from transplant surgery.

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